OwneR, Fearless Leader, Curator of all things unique

Though she grew up in small town with no true Main Street shopping, Michelle Castelloe has always envisioned being a “shopkeeper.”

As a small child, she would pretend to ring things up on her grandparent’s antique cash register for her (then-imaginary) shop: she envisioned a bustling place where everyone pitched in and people worked together in their community.

After 20+ years of corporate life (including being a Brand Director for Anthropologie) and raising 4 strong girls with her husband, Clifton, Michelle finally made that dream come true and opened Moxie Mercantile in 2015.

Through Moxie, Michelle has created a place that is more than simply a store, but instead a place filled with curated goods, supporting both smaller makers and creators as well as the surrounding communities her shops call home. (Including preserving the historic buildings they are housed in and community events.) 

Those who know Michelle best call her ” funny, driven, supportive—and a true nurturer.”

She is now bringing her wealth of skills learned from managing national retail brands and first-hand experience being a retail owner/operator to nurturing the growth of other business owners through her consulting firm, Moxie Huddle.

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I love working with small brands to make them more successful! For now, please enjoy my tips for us small businesses.


Ensure you have a passion for your project, without a fire in your gut, your project becomes work rather than fulfillment. (don't do it just for the money...because excess money is not the case in small business)

Find a mentor. This person doesn't need to be in your field (but it helps), but find someone who can guide you and give you honest feedback. On that note, be ready to not always hear the pretty stuff!

Create a plan. Have a business plan that you can implement and follow. Too often business plans are thrown by the wayside when times get tough. 

Speaking of tough times, it will happen! Have an outlet, support system and community that will give you strength to make it through the tough times.

Identify your "why": why am I choosing this path, why am I starting this business, why is it important to me, why will people want to buy my goods/services.

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The best gifts and home décor items are made by human hands who are fulfilling their dreams (Meet our makers!). Working directly with artists builds sustainability for their craft.


Vintage finds add personality to our space and spark nostalgia with our customers.


Vintage finds add personality to our space and spark nostalgia with our customers.


Neighborhood pups are always welcome in the shop and we always have treats on hand.