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MEET Michelle

Wife, mother, boss lady, Michelle Castelloe opened Moxie Mercantile in 2015 after a 14 year career with Urban, Inc as a Brand Director for Anthropologie. She is passionate about community building, philanthropy, new retail relationships and nurturing fellow entrepreneurs.

Today Michelle owns and operates three Moxie Mercantile locations, Betty by Moxie Mercantile, Moxie Huddle and Stay Moxie. Moxie Mercantile is a curated shopping experience featuring home decor, jewelry, vintage finds, and more that supports both makers and the community. Betty by Moxie Mercantile features children’s clothing, adult apparel, toys and gifts. Moxie Huddle is a resource for creatives to gain support in buying, margin building and successful retail strategy. Stay Moxie is an airbnb experience based on if Moxie Mercantile were a home. Many of items featured in the home are available for purchase.



1: ENERGY, PEP woke up full of moxie

2: COURAGE, DETERMINATION it takes …moxie to pull up roots and go to a land where the culture and probably the language are totally foreign—M. J. McClary

3: KNOW-HOW was impressed with his musical moxie and hired him as a solo

As a child, Michelle's grandfather would often used the word "moxie" to describe her. He knew that she had the ability and know-how to achieve anything she desired.


First and foremost Michelle is a wife and mother. She and her husband Clifton are the proud parents of four independent daughters. Michelle firmly believes in the common good and has instilled that same belief and way of life into her children.


Michelle focuses on buying products that give back to humanity and works closely with the community through philanthropic efforts supported by the sales at Moxie.

In 2023 Michelle won “Ally Professional of the Year” from the LGBTQ+ chamber of North and South Carolina. This recognition isn’t something that typically comes to small boutique owners, but it proves that when you have your heart in your business, you can fill your heart with gratitude.

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